Police: Don't advertise Christmas gifts in your trash

Posted at 10:41 PM, Dec 26, 2016

River Hills Police want families to be a little more careful on how they throw things away, especially after Christmas.

Monday morning, the police department posted a meme on Facebook reminding the public about Christmas crime prevention. The post warned families not to advertise what's in their house with their trash, saying it makes things easy for burglars.

Some residents say they're going to be more careful.

"Well there's no point in advertising that you got a new television or you got a whatever. Normally we just break that stuff down for recycling and then they pick it up," said Jim LaRose.

"Yeah I'll load it on my truck and take it and probably dump it somewhere else so I don't have all that stuff just lingering around so people can see what we brought up in the house," said Milwaukee’s Theodeous Harris.

The Glendale Police Department offers this Christmas crime prevention tips:

  1. If you have to throw your boxes out break them down and hide them in a recycling receptacle or put them inside a plastic bag out of sight. (use a box cutter and spend the time to cut the boxes into smaller pieces making it difficult to identify the items)
  2. If possible wait until trash day and put the boxes out at the very last moment. That way possible thieves  are less likely to know what you have.
  3. Also breaking the boxes down inside out can be helpful because thieves can't identify what the item from a distance.
  4. If possible, some packaging allows you to pull the top layer of the cardboard off leaving the box with no identifying marks.


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