Police calls to Miller Park increase when Cubs are in town

MPD had 161 calls total during 2017 season
Posted at 10:12 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 23:12:25-04

Milwaukee Police keep a close eye on fans at Miller Park, ensuring everyone has a safe time during baseball games.

But problems do come up and are more likely to happen when the Milwaukee Brewers face certain teams.

"Rockies fans are good fans," said Brewers fan Andrew Wadsworth, from Milwaukee.

And the numbers back up his feelings.

Milwaukee Police records show in the 2017 season, officers were called to the park for trouble 161 times. Only 7 of those calls happened during games against the Rockies.

"We’d rather face the Rockies because if the Cubs fans would be here, we wouldn’t enjoy watching the games," said Ann Jordan, from Milwaukee.

It's probably no surprise that police respond more often to Miller Park during Chicago Cubs' games, a total of 30 times last season.

"The only fans that are not particularly friendly are the ones to our south," said Wadsworth.

Records show a lot of calls involved injured or sick people, while theft also shows up often. And 65 percent of the calls take place during weekend games.

"I think most people that come to Milwaukee, they’re baseball fans, they want to see the stadium they want to see their team," said Wadsworth. "I think Milwaukee’s a really welcoming place."

The Brewers play most of their games against their rivals in the National League Central. Most incidents happen during those games. There were 18 calls when the Pittsburgh Pirates were here and 16 police calls during St. Louis Cardinals games.