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Dozens of cars broken into at Milwaukee Intermodal Station

Posted at 1:35 PM, Dec 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-04 10:20:00-05

MILWAUKEE – Vandals have again targeted cars parked at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station.

Milwaukee Police reportedly told several of the victims that vandals broke into and smashed the windows of 40 cars that were parked in a nearby lot. 

Many of the victims returned from weekend trips to see the damage. 

"It was disgusting and it felt awful and violating and very upsetting," said Eva Balfanz, who returned from a girls trip in Chicago to find that five of her windows had been bashed in. 

Her friends helped her tape up the open windows before she made the long drive back to Spring Green. 

"To see five windows being busted out of it and being two hours from home, it's Christmas time, it's money, it's all of those things," she said. "So yeah, I was very angry and upset and sad."

She says police told her the suspects may have been looking for guns. 

Another victim, Chris Shumway, says the suspects took his daughter's library books and threw them into the parking lot. 

"I used to live in Milwaukee and this is why I left," he said. 

Officer spoke to some of the victims and left notes on other cars encouraging owners to file police reports. 

Police are still investigating the break-ins and have not released any other information.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, police say more than a dozen cars were broken into near the intermodal station on St. Paul Avenue. Police declined to provide an exact number of how many vehicles were targeted.