Plane clips semi on I-94 during landing

Posted at 5:59 PM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-01 23:37:00-05

RACINE COUNTY-- Noel DuPont was on his way home from work when he noticed something unusual.

"I remembered seeing a plane as I first got on the ramp and it looked like it was kind of low to the freeway like more than usual and I didn't think much of it," said Noel DuPont, Washington County.

Two Racine County residents were trying to land the small plane at Sylvania Airport in Sturtevant when it came in too low. The Racine County Sheriff's Department says the experienced pilot struck a semi truck on I-94 before making an emergency landing.  Investigators believe that's how landing gear was torn from the aircraft.

"There was a semi to my left and I remember either the car in front of me pulled out of the way and then the next thing you know it looked like it was a dead animal in the road and bam I hit what turns out to be a piece of landing gear," explained DuPont.

The driver dragged the debris about a tenth of a mile.

"It's too surreal I mean you don't typically have plane parts laying on the freeway."

DuPont is questioning the safety of the small airport.

"I've heard of several things at this little airport and it brings into question whether it's too close to an interstate."

The husband and wife on the plane escaped without injuries. The 65 year old pilot landed the plane in the grass at the end of the runway.

The semi truck drove off without stopping. The FAA is investigating the incident.