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Pick 'n Save, Metro Market lower prices in effort to stay competitive

Posted at 4:20 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 08:01:01-04

Milwaukee-area grocery stores Pick 'n Save and Metro Market rolled out new, lower prices Wednesday. 

The Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. stores are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kroger Co. 

Jim Hyland, Roundy's VP of Communications and Public Affairs, said the decision to lower prices makes good business sense - even if it means the store is making less money on each, individual item sold. 

"Wisconsin is a very competitive grocery market," Hyland said. "You want to invest in your customers and the experience they have." 

Hyland said that experience includes competitive prices.

The newly-adjusted prices impact items like milk, eggs, bread, produce, granola bars and cereal. 

Hyland said the price cuts are way to keep the Roundy's stores competitive and relevant in an age in which people have more options regarding how they purchase groceries.

That includes not just brick and mortar stores, but also online grocery shopping and/or meal delivery services. 

"Everybody has to eat," Hyland said. "Everybody has to visit a grocery store, whether it's in the store or through an app or some other type of digital offering." 

Shoppers on Wednesday told TODAY'S TMJ4 that prices are an important factor in how they decide where to buy groceries.

"I have four grocery stores within walking distance from where I live," said Elizabeth Burgert, of Milwaukee. "Prices are pretty important." 

"I'll sometimes do a quick market check to see what they have here in this (Metro Market) store and compare it to what the price is at another store," said Paolo Valerio. 

Valerio said he also considers the array of food options at a store when determining where to shop.