Pewaukee mom honors daughter's legacy with clothing line

Girl died after getting hit by car last year
Posted at 10:40 PM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-13 08:55:34-05

A Pewaukee mom is keeping her daughter's memory alive in an unexpected way.  

Shannon Flegel posted videos of her daughter, Ashlyn, on social media after she died in July, and the posts gained international attention. 

"They exploded, ya know, my baby girl," Shannon Flegel said. 

Ashlyn was struck by a car while riding her bike near her home. 

"Well it was definitely the worst day of my life," Flegel said. 

The hashtag #AngelsForAshyln took off as the 12 year old fought for her life.  The hashtag made the rounds online and shirts with the phrase were used to raise money for hospital bills.

"She was intubated and she died,” Flegal said.

Police then gave Shannon Ashlyn's cell phone.

"It was like gold, but that's because I wanted to see all her stuff," Flegel said.

She posted pictures and videos for Ashlyn's friends.

"I changed the bio to say Ashlyn died, I'm her mom, I'm releasing her videos,” Shannon said.

Strangers clicked on the uploads.

"The beginning, they wanted to know how she died.  It had progressed to funny stories and going through her room and these kids were enjoying my daughter.  Almost how you brag about your kids when they're living," Flegel said. 

Followers wanted Angels for Ashlyn shirts.  Shannon resisted at first since they started as a fundraiser while her daughter was alive.  She then embraced the idea and a clothing line in memory of her daughter was born called AngelsForAshlyn Inc.  Packages wrapped in quotes and pictures of Ashlyn are now being shipped as far away as Australia.

"I had this drive, like no, I can't let her die. That's a big part of what it is for me I think is that I'm so determined not to let her go," Flegel said.

Flegel has a good idea of how her angel might view this saga.

"I think she's getting a kick out of it."

Flegel hopes to grow the business and help give back to families and kids experiencing trama.

Click here for more information on AngelsForAshlyn. You can also look for the Angels for Ashlyn one day event at Brookfield Square next month on Instagram and Facebook.