People are skeptical about Amazon product that gives delivery drivers access into your home

Posted at 10:02 PM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 23:24:31-04

Amazon is rolling out a new product called the Amazon Key. It lets delivery drivers into your home when you are not there. The driver get access inside through a one-time key code lock. You can watch it through a connected security camera. 

The idea is that it will cut down on package thefts. But Milwaukee computer consultant Nick Blando warns it is also a system that is all connected through the internet so it can be hacked.

"The main security risk is it's cloud based. Someone could gain access to Amazon's server to gain access to your house," said Blando.

He also warns it is only as safe as your password.

"The most common risk would be a personal risk. You using the same password for the Amazon key system as you would for your email," said Blando.

People in Milwaukee got to see the new Amazon Key commercial, and most were skeptical.

"I just wouldn't feel comfortable," said Stella Font who is an Amazon user.

"It's technology and it can fail. So I wouldn't feel comfortable," said Milwaukee resident Ashley Ruiz.

One mother said she would not want someone stopping by when her children are home alone.

"How is it going to work out that they are just going to drop the box and leave? I'm just not used to letting strangers into my home," said Beth Font.

But Brendan Crowley, who was visiting Milwaukee from San Francisco, said he gets enough packages and would love to use it.

"I let the mailman have access to my house why wouldn't I let Amazon have access to my house," said Crowley. "People are too paranoid."

Walmart said it is testing something similar. The Amazon Key will be available November 8.