Pedestrian hit and killed on Milwaukee's north side

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 18:18:17-04

A woman was hit and killed Monday night on Milwaukee’s north side near the corner of 65th Street and Hampton Avenue.

Finding out about Lakeisha Brice's death was the worst thing in the world for her family. She leaves behind five children.

James Patton was devastated to learn about Brice’s death, his 36-year old daughter.

"It's rough, it's hard on me. It really is. She's my caregiver and I just miss her. I really do," Patton said.

Police say the driver of the car stayed until police arrived. Patton said Brice was on her way to the store.

"She usually comes back. I started calling her around 9 p.m. because I know she was supposed to be back," Patton said.

But that never happened.

Her oldest son Michael King said he'll miss her.

"I just bust out in tears. Crazy moment, I never thought this moment would happen," King said.

King is at least grateful the driver stayed.

"I appreciate that they at least had enough decency to stay on the scene until police got there. I'm glad that they just didn't hit and run," King said.

The driver wasn’t the only person to stay. Barbara Rosa witnessed the aftermath and prayed with the Brice as she took her last breath, posting to Facebook to let Brice’s family know she wasn’t alone.

"What else can you do but just pray," Rosa said.

"I really appreciate it, the lady that stayed with her and she didn't die alone," Patton said.

Milwaukee police are still investigating and said the driver is cooperating. The family plans to hold a vigil at 9 p.m. Tuesday night at the scene of the accident.