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Parking boots could be headed to Wisconsin

Proposed bill targets parking scofflaws
Posted at 9:57 AM, Feb 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-16 21:14:51-05

A bill that would allow Wisconsin cities and counties to crack down on parking ticket scofflaws by applying a "Denver boot" to their vehicles is gaining steam in Madison. 

According to the bill's co-sponsor, Milwaukee State Rep. Tim Carpenter, Senate Bill 712 passed through the committee process unanimously on Thursday. 

The bill targets "habitual parking violators," meaning those who have five or more unpaid nonmoving traffic violations over the course of 60 days. Residents could also be held in violation if they haven't scheduled an appearance in court to respond to the citations. 

Milwaukee is missing $34 million in unpaid parking tickets. 

If a boot is applied to a vehicle, the owner would not be able to move it until the tickets are paid.

"This bill would allow the city of Milwaukee to crack down parking ticket scofflaws by allowing the police to use an immobilization device on vehicles with unpaid parking tickets!" Carpenter tweeted.

The bill also allows for the towing, impoundment, and disposal of vehicles owned by habitual parking violators.

Local resident Brandon Shiegg supports the bill completely.

"It's a good idea because if you have five tickets and you can't pay your parking tickets, then you shouldn't be driving a car," said Shiegg.

The East side is notorious for bad parking experience. Local barber, Mo at Cutting Lounge on Brady street, doesn't think the bill is a good idea. 

"You pay the meter for two hours, it's perfect. I don't see, there's no need to lock the tires for them," said Mo. 

However,  local driver Sunjin Lee says it's about personal accountability.   

"After five I don't think there's any excuse," said Lee," and the car should be taken out because you're causing more work for the city officials. That's our taxpayers' money."

Click here to view the full bill.