Parishioners fight back tears after historic Trinity Lutheran church burns

Posted: 10:15 PM, May 15, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-15 23:15:29-04

As flames tore through Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church , many people fought their own tears, thinking about what it meant.

"A lot of memories," said Gary Mulheron.

Gary Mulheron was seven years old when he started going to Trinity Evangelical Lutheran after his father passed away and his mom moved him to Milwaukee.

"My mother moved down here and she found this church Trinity," said Gary Mulheron.

It changed his life. He met his wife there. They got married at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran, along with all their children. Now their grandchildren serve as altar boys and girls.

His wife Mary Mulheron was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. The church got her to appointments, helped them with meals and prayed for them through the treatment. 

"Our church has been with us every step of the way," said Mary Mulheron.

So many others share a lifetime of memories at Trinity as well.

Elizabeth Fabijan was baptized there. Her mother and grandmother are longtime members.

"It was part of me," said Fabijan.

Molly Hartley found a second home at Trinity 55 years ago when she returned to Milwaukee from serving in the Air Force.

"Beautiful congregation, it is interracial and they have been here a long time. It's just wonderful. Everybody loves everybody. It's just a wonderful, wonderful church," said Hartley. 

Though now what is left of it is mostly in ashes, the parishioners all agree that what makes their church will not go away.

"It will be a different church when they rebuild, but the people are still all the same. And God is still the same. So that's what's most important," said Mary Mulheron.