DNA match made in death of UW-Madison student

Posted at 10:33 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 08:39:30-05

MADISON -- There are new developments surrounding an unsolved homicide in Madison.  The parents of Brittany Zimmermann, the UW-Madison student killed in her apartment in 2008, say a DNA match has been made in their daughter's homicide investigation. 

In a statement Kevin and Jean Zimmermann say, "We are choosing not to release his name as we understand that the DA's office is not prepared to file charges.  We are hopeful that someone will come forward with information that would bring the investigation to the point that an arrest could be made and charges be filed." 

A mishandled 911 call has been at the center of the investigation.  In 2008, Madison Police indicated Zimmermann screamed during the call, but it was dropped.  The Dane County Dispatcher didn't call back.

"We have known of the match for some time and we're hopeful that things would have come together and an arrest would be made.  We are confident that there are multiple persons that had been in the prison system in the past and may have detailed information about Brittany's murder that this person revealed to them.  We are asking that those with any information they believe may be of some help to the investigation come forward.  We are aware of someone who has this type of information, but for some unimaginable reason has chosen to keep this to themselves."

Zimmermann was killed by strangulation and stabbing in her downtown Madison apartment in the middle of the day.  The Zimmermann's believe their daughter's murderer has been walking around free for almost all of the past eight years. 

"Unfortunately, we are unable to address some of the other details that may have been released.  This is information that, even though 8 years have passed, we do not know most of the details surrounding her murder.  We remind people that there is a $40,000 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for her murder.

The person we believe responsible for Brittany's murder has been walking around free for almost all of the past 8 years.  That is unacceptable to her family and all the people who loved her.   People so often make reference to the phrase "getting closure for the family", this is something that people that have never lost a child say because if they had, they know that our hearts are irreversibly broken and there will never be closure for us.  We are not looking for any type of closure, just justice for Brittany."