Many concerned about cracks at local playground

Posted at 7:38 AM, May 20, 2016
MILWAUKEE -- Duct tape and cracks aren't something you typically find at a park, but that's the first thing parents notice at Ohio Playground in Milwaukee.
"Are we that hidden over here that they don't notice us?" Jesus Saavedra asked.
"I don't think it's really safe," Belinda Hernandez said.
Families said they keep using the playground near 10th and Holt since there aren't many options close by. 
Milwaukee Public Schools operates the play field. They are aware of the needed repairs. This week MPS fixed a slide at Ohio Playground. 
"We typically inspect play fields weekly and safety is obviously our first concern, and if there is a safety issue than we address it immediately," said Tony Tagliavia, the MPS Media Manager. 
MPS admits more needs to be done but there isn't a definite timeline in place when repairs will happen.  
"We think that there is more work that remains and that's why a complete replacement for the tot lot is in our facilities master plan," Tagliavia said.
The district's next step is to ask for community input.  
Safety concerns aren't confined to the playground.  A tennis coach is taking repairs into her own hands. 
"I wrap the nets with duct tape because there are wires that stick out," Esme Ehr said.
But those who use the park say they're tired of waiting for repairs.
"It use to be a nice little oasis and now it's gotten a little out of control," Ehr said.