Packers memorabilia stolen, new store in jeopardy

Posted at 10:29 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 23:47:03-04

A Milwaukee man hoping to open a new Packers memorabilia store before the holidays might be out of luck.

Some bold thieves made off with thousands of dollars in merchandise from his storage locker. He said he is still amazed at how they got into his and 14 other lockers that day. 

Mark Kalz was supposed to be getting ready to open his store, From the Locker Room, at Mayfair Mall. But instead, he is rifling through what is left of his merchandise. 

"It's a sad day," Kalz said.

A couple days ago he got a call from his storage facility saying there had been a burglary. Some bold thieves went right through the chain link fence. 

"They had torched the fence all the way down," Kalz said. "Then they started on one end and like torched every other bracket. And the locks just fell right off." 

But Kalz's locker wasn't even broken into that way. Instead, once the thieves got in the unit next to his, they kicked down the wall and then started going through all his Packers and NFL items.

He said in some boxes everything was taken, in others, thieves picked through.

"Some of the boxes they went into they took the two smalls out and went down and took the two extra larger out and left everything else there," Kalz said. 

Kalz's wife Lisa Robbins has taken to Facebook spreading word of the burglary hoping someone spots the thieves trying to resell her husband's products. 

"Possibly see some merchandise out there and try to find someone who did it," Robbins said. 

Kalz said Mayfair offered to work with him so he can still open for the holiday but he said a lot of the stuff he sells had to be ordered months earlier.  

"To open up a business or a store or that takes merchandise," he said shrugging his shoulders. 

Police are still looking for the people responsible. Kalz said he had insurance but only for a few thousand dollars and he lost close to $15,000 in items.