Packers fans celebrate "Green and Gold Friday" across Milwaukee

Posted at 2:06 PM, Jan 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-06 15:06:10-05
The Packers have been inviting fans to help the team prepare for the playoffs this week. On Friday, the team said if you have green and gold clothes-- wear it! 
Over at Ma Fischer's Restaurant on the east side of Milwaukee, they're serving up green and gold breakfast,  but some customers forgot about supporting their team today.
"I wore mine yesterday and I'm saving the rest for Sunday," said Carol Muderlak. She didn't wear green and gold today.
She eats breakfast with six of her friends every Friday morning. All the ladies love the Packer's but forgot their green and gold gear today.
All of their husbands also eat breakfast at the diner every Friday but sit on the other side of the restaurant.
Some of them came decked out in green and gold.
"Our hearts are green and gold, even if our clothes aren't," said Marshall Gratz. He forgot to wear his Packers colors.
Across town at Miss Katies Diner,  the customers aren't showing up in green and gold,  but the employees are showing their spirit. 
"I think the customers are so cold, their brains are frozen!  I wore my green and gold, said Denise Maultra. A waitress at the diner.
If you are a die hard Packers fan and you are prepared to deal with the chill there are still tickets available.

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