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Packers' Billy Turner speaks emotionally on Jacob Blake shooting: 'No reason that you have to pull your gun out'

Posted at 7:12 PM, Aug 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-28 20:12:21-04

GREEN BAY — TMJ4 Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan says the Packers returned to the practice field. And two hours later? They spoke emotionally about the change that they hope to see, in our country, and world.

Allan asked offensive lineman Billy Turner what would he say to a police officer, what message does he want to get across to them and law enforcement, and what would he like to hear from law enforcement, in return.

"I would like to understand the rules and the guidelines that are in place for law enforcement when it comes to pulling somebody over and subduing someone," Packers Offensive Lineman Billy Turner says.

"Three grown men on one is an unfair advantage. There should be no reason that you have to pull your gun out. Unless that man pulls a gun on you? There should be no reason you have to pull a gun on him. Especially when his back is to you," he says.

"So I would love to understand and to learn you know, the steps, the process when it comes to subduing someone. You know. And part of the issue that I have is, it's been proven and it's been seen on camera so many times. When a white individual has a weapon in his hands? How police officers react to that," Turner says.

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