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Over 90% of Advocate Aurora Health Care employees to receive a bonus

Posted at 5:16 PM, Dec 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-09 18:16:14-05

WISCONSIN — Advocate Aurora Health announced Tuesday that over 90 percent of their employees will receive a bonus this year, even amid a pandemic.

Jim Skogsbergh, President and CEO of Advocate Aurora, announced that the bonuses would total around $69 million but different from years past, not every team member will receive the same amount.

Skogsbergh shared a video with Advocate Aurora Health Care team members saying, "Every one of you have been impacted by the pandemic on some level. The burden has been undoubtedly heaviest on our direct patient care team members. Therefore, we're moving forward with a tiered bonus based on your direct patient interactions."

The money for the bonuses is not based on the year's financial or quality-based performance, because according to Skohsbergh, the company is off on almost all of their numbers.

The bonuses are also being given out now, instead of at the end of the year. Employees should see the bonuses on their Dec. 24 paychecks.

Team members who provide direct patient care will be given $1,300. Those providing support for clinical staff will receive $800, and administrative employees will get $500.

However, the amounts also vary based on status. If you work full-time, you will receive the full bonus. If you work half-time, you'll receive half, and if you work part-time, you will receive a part of the bonus that applies to you.

Skogbergh said more details will be announced this week in direct emails to staff, as well as online.

"We understand that every approach has its flaws. But, it's our sincere intention to acknowledge the different and unique roles each of you have played in serving our patients, our communities, and our families during this pandemic... it is not lost on us that there is no bonus amount that will adequately compensate for what you've endured in 2020," said Skogsbergh in the video.

To watch the full video from Skogsbergh, click here.

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