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Oshkosh Police: 38 incidents involving Orbeez Guns investigated this year

Posted at 8:20 PM, Jul 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-29 21:20:55-04

OSHKOSH (NBC 26) — The Oshkosh Police Department has investigated 38 incidents so far this year involving Orbeez Guns, the department said Friday.

Orbeez Guns are plastic air soft facsimile weapons that use water-filled projectiles. Some of these Orbeez closely resemble real firearms, such as handguns and rifles.

Oshkosh Police said in a statement if these facsimile weapons are mistaken for real firearms, the results can be catastrophic.

Police cited a current trend on social media encouraging people to post videos of themselves shooting the gun at random people. The Oshkosh Police Department has made four arrests for this type of behavior, charging them with disorderly conduct and shooting an airsoft gun.

Police said these projectiles can injure people and also cause damage to property. This week in Oshkosh, police said two children were injured by a person firing this type of gun out of a moving vehicle.

Oshkosh Police strongly urge parents to monitor their kids if they own one of these Orbeez guns and explain to them the consequences of shooting these guns at people or property.