One-on-one with Seth Meyers

Posted at 10:34 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 22:50:09-05

Donald Trump's win in the presidential election is fueling late night comedy hosts, including NBC's Seth Meyers.

Meyers was in Chicago recently and spoke with TODAY'S TMJ4'S Vince Vitrano.

Meyers told Vitrano he's getting more comfortable with hosting his own show and that it's hitting its stride.

"It's nice, to be honest, that it's not new anymore. It feels a little bit more lived in. I feel like it's my show every night, which took a while to get to that place so I don't feel like the brass is going to knock on my door and tell me to clean out my desk," Meyers said.

Vince Vitrano: You've got some room now?

Seth Meyers: I've got a little bit of room now.

Meyers was not shy about his support for Hillary Clinton in the run up to the election but said he's well aware his predictions on Trump were wrong. 

"When the Trump campaign started 18 months ago, we all thought it was going to just be comedy, and it's a good reminder that people like me who do comedy for a living aren't really very good at predicting outcomes," he said. 

Vince Vitrano: Well, neither was anyone else, in fairness to you.

Seth Meyers: That's true. That's true. But I guess we should be the first ones you dismiss. The amount I had friends asking me what I thought was going to happen, and the amount of apologies I owed.

The comedian is no stranger to Milwaukee. Meyers has attended weddings here and has positive things to say about the comedy scene.

"I did stand-up at the Pabst Theater, which is one of the best stand-up nights I ever had."

Vince Vitrano: Isn't that a great venue?

Seth Meyers: Incredible venue. And doing stand-up around the country, sometimes you walk into rooms and you go, "Oh boy," but some of them are those beautiful rooms and, speaking of other communities too, Milwaukee is a great comedy town.

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