One-on-One with President Donald Trump on Foxconn, Harley-Davidson

Posted at 10:12 PM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 23:12:58-04

President Donald Trump talked up Foxconn and its new made in America manufacturing jobs during his visit to Racine County Thursday.

The president also didn't back down on his harsh comments over Harley Davidson's decision to move some motorcycle production out of the country because of trade war worries.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Charles Benson was the only local television reporter to get an exclusive interview with the president. 

Charles: Last time I saw you, we were in White House. I asked if you were coming to Foxconn. You said right away I'm going to be there.

Pres. Trump: We don't mess around.

Charles: Why did you want to be here? Why is this groundbreaking so important?

Pres. Trump: So Foxconn is one of the great companies of the world. they're building this incredible plant like practically I would say we don't have in our country.

Trump takes credit for Foxconn coming to Wisconsin. An idea he says started during a helicopter ride from Milwaukee to Kenosha last year.

Pres. Trump: I was very involved and I actually recommended Wisconsin. I recommended it very strongly and I have to tell you Scott Walker has done a fantastic job. I handed the ball to him, he took it over."

Governor Scott Walker cut a $3 billion deal with Foxconn, if the company keeps its commitment to invest $10 billion and create 13,000 jobs.

Charles: You often talk about the negotiating of good deals. Democrats think it's a bad deal, it's not worth that kind of money. Is it a good deal?

Pres. Trump: Well I think it's going to be great they're going to expand.

President Trump also took some heat for lashing out on Twitter this week at Milwaukee's Harley Davidson. Trump's trade war threatens the iconic company's bottom line.

Pres. Trump: So I was disappointed in Harley. I like Harley, and I was disappointed that they would be moving some of their operation to another country. I don't like that. Now, no president has ever said that before because I guess you're not supposed to say it. But I can say it. I'm disappointed in Harley Davidson. I don't like them leaving this country.

Charles: They share your passion though about being made in America. I'm sure the governor is talking to you about it. I'm sure house Speaker Paul Ryan. Where's this going to end?

Pres. Trump: We're going to have tremendous success. We've been robbed by many countries. Many of these are allies and friends and frankly, some of our friends treated us in trade worse than the enemies.

Walker says he did not bring up Harley with President Trump but that he did bring up tariffs and trade barriers during a meeting with the president last week at the White House.

Watch Charles Benson's full interview here: