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One-on-one with Herb Kohler at the Ryder Cup

Posted at 6:19 AM, Sep 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-23 15:19:01-04

TMJ4's Lance Allan sat down with Herb Kohler for a one-on-one interview just days before the Ryder Cup is set to take place.

Lance: Was hosting the Ryder Cup something you and Pete consciously thought about, you mentioned majors but was that even on your mind during the process?

Herb: No. We were adventurous, but not that audacious.

Lance: You made Wisconsin the place to be for a lot of people to play golf.

Herb: Wisconsin is such a great sporting state to begin with. These people love their sports. And look what happens. Look at basketball - national championship. Look at baseball and what the Brewers are able to accomplish. And I won't even talk about the Packers. Golf now, and Whistling Straits, is right up on top in the world of golf. We're pretty pleased with that position.

Lance: I notice you have the American flag and the European flag in your lapel, are you cheering for your home country?

Herb: These poor Europeans, they need someone to holler for them.

Lance: But I think all of Wisconsin and all of the world says thank you Herb.

Herb: it's an honor beyond words to host this golf tournament. Sam Ryder really created something in 1927, this is just another step in the way and we hope to make it equal to or better than Paris, Rome or New York which are gathered around us. Kohler Wisconsin will show them all.

The 43rd Ryder Cup will be broadcast on TMJ4 and on the Golf Channel beginning Friday, September 24. You can get a full broadcast schedule here.

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