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Officers salute fallen MPD officer's hearse as it passes police administration building

Posted at 10:18 PM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 23:18:12-04

Dozens of Milwaukee Police Officers stood at attention outside of the department’s headquarters. They were saluting the hearse carrying the body of fallen officer Michael Michalski.

It was just one of many scenes across the Milwaukee area as the officer was taken from funeral services to his final resting place. 

Members of the public were on hand too waving flags and standing in silence as the procession of hundreds of vehicles went by.

“Just wanted to be here for him, show my respect, I feel bad for him I really do. It just makes me really sad” said LeAnn Govas of Milwaukee. "She walked across town with her dog to be in place before the procession passed the police headquarters.” 
Kristy Baars brought her daughter Micah to pay their respects to police officers everywhere.

“It was important to me to respect them and show them that I respect what they are going through,” said Kristy.

“I want to show all the policeman how much I care,” Micah said. 

The cloaked squad car turned memorial outside the police headquarters continued to grow. Flowers, candles and balloons have been placed on it since the death of Officer Michalski one week ago.