Officer fatally shoots stray dog in Glendale

Posted at 5:49 PM, Mar 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 20:18:11-05

GLENDALE -- A stray dog attack lead to shots fired, just steps away from a school bus stop. Glendale police put down the stray as it was attacking a woman and her dog. 

In Glendale, people like to walk their dogs.

"Hey sweetie. Good girl. Bingo sit. Good girl," Al Balinsky said to his dog.

But, Bingo's a bit standoffish after what she experienced Wednesday.

"And you know if the police weren't down the block, who knows what would've happened. I mean Bingo probably wouldn't have made it," said Balinsky.

Al Balinsky's two-year-old Corgi and his wife, Jennifer, went for a morning walk near Elm Tree Road and Glendale Avenue.

"She was just walking with Bingo and all of a sudden, she turned around and saw the dog charging at her," said Balinsky.

Dog owners say they have seen strays in the area before. But they're not afraid because the neighbors watch out for each other.

"The Glendale police do a good job of responding and the neighbors do a good job of looking out," said Aaron Bartz, neighbor.

It was a neighbor who first spotted the stray yesterday, and reported it to police. An officer got there in time to intervene.

"The pit bull grabbed ahold of Bingo and then they all went down on the floor. And my wife while she's hanging on to Bingo is pushing away the other dog and screaming. I mean, you know, help, help!" said Balinsky.

With that, the officer fired.

"And it was a shame that he had to do it but there was no choice," said Balinsky.

Bingo has scrapes under her fur, but she's otherwise ok.

"I mean my wife's really brave, my wife's a little woman, and she really protected the dog," said Balinsky.

This is the second stray dog attack in Glendale in six months. In that case, a woman received several bite marks from two unattended pit bulls.