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Oconomowoc regulates short-term rental properties like Airbnb

Posted at 7:26 PM, Jun 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-02 20:26:22-04

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. — A new ordinance is now in effect in the City of Oconomowoc and it regulates short term rental properties like Airbnb.

Posting your home for rent on sites like Airbnb and VRBO is not a new venture, but if you're planning to do so in Oconomowoc, there are now added steps you need to take.

These regulations would impact nearly a dozen properties on Airbnb and several more on VRBO. As of mid-May, renters need a completed state inspection, a Wisconsin Tourist and Rooming license, a seller's permit issued by Wisconsin State Revenue, and a license from the City of Oconomowoc to receive approval and rent.

However, these regulations do not impact homeowners who are renting for 10 days or less. Owners who do not comply could face charges up to $1,000.

Alderman Matt Rosek serves the city's third district and voted against the new city ordinance. Rosek says he doesn't understand the need.

"I wasn't aware of any specific problem or issue that were identified with the current short-term rentals," Rosek said.

Alderman Kevin Ellis says the ordinance ensures a great experience.

"It gives us a standard. It gives us a high standard. You want to rent your property, this is what we expect," Ellis said.

Rosek says it is creating additional hurdles for people to jump through.

An Airbnb host TMJ4 spoke to says she will have to wait and see if this ordinance will make renting out her home feasible or not.

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