Oconomowoc murder suspect Amy Van Wagner: 'I did not kill my husband'

Posted at 5:42 PM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 18:46:57-05

Jurors in the Amy Van Wagner murder trial heard from the defendant herself in recordings made just days after her husband’s body was found in their Oconomowoc home.

The audio interview was conducted by Oconomowoc Police Detective Chris Harnisch at the local hotel where Amy was staying. In it, Van Wagner is asked directly if she killed her husband.

Detective: Did you do anything to hurt your husband?
Amy Van Wagner: I did not kill my husband.
Detective: Did you know anyone that would?
Amy Van Wagner: I loved him.

The Van Wagner's 17-year-old son was on the witness stand Thursday. He testified about the moments leading up to his father’s death, when he was sleeping in his bedroom.

Defense Attorney John Shiro asked him if he heard the gunshots that killed his father, and he answered that he didn’t.

The defense is trying to debunk the theory that Stan Van Wagner was killed on a Friday. Prosecutors called Waukesha County Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Zelda Okia to the stand. Her autopsy concluded that there is a chance Van Wagner died Saturday, but added that several factors, including the temperature of the basement, may have contributed to how quickly or how slowly the body would decompose.

The morning started out with a juror who told the court that he found out he was related to the defendant Amy Van Wagner. After discussions with the judge and attorneys in the case, he was allowed to remain on the jury. 

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