Now that it's coming to SE Wisconsin, what is Foxconn?

Posted at 5:41 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 23:23:51-04

The announcement of a major employer coming to southeastern Wisconsin is making waves in Racine County.  But Foxconn isn’t a household name for many in Sturtevant, but chances are you have one of the products in your pocket.

“I think it would be great job wise for the economy around here,” said Mimi LaMartina of Lake Geneva. 

The Taiwan-based technology manufacturer is best known for assembling Apple iPhones in China. However, iPhones are far from Foxconn’s only focus. In the newly announced Wisconsin facility, workers will manufacture LCD panels; products that can be found in a number of electronics including computer and TV screens.

“I think they probably feel they have a good workforce here, the cost of land and I suppose if you’ve got 10,000 people working, you need lots of water to flush the toilet,” said Wilfried Viol.

According to the Associated Press, water was a factor in the decision to come to southeastern Wisconsin. Foxconn manufacturing calls for a large water supply to make flat panel displays and to keep work spaces cleanly. Racine County’s close proximity to Lake Michigan could come in handy for that need.

The southeastern Wisconsin facility is expected to be operable by 2020.