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North side recycling plants Covanta hopes to create jobs for the community

Posted at 6:50 PM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 19:50:06-04

A local recycling business consolidated two locations into one on the City's north side and is adding dozens of jobs. 

Covanta Environmental Solutions recycles business waste by processing liquid and solid waste from businesses in the Midwest. They say they will be adding 20 to 35 new jobs as a result of moving to its new location at 33rd Street and Villard Avenue. 

"I think this is the type of growth Milwaukee is hoping to see," Sam Coleman, Chief of Staff for Alderman Ashanti Hamilton said. "We know we're seeing growth around the city in various areas but it's exciting to see growth like this happening in the 1st District."

Coleman took part in the ribbon cutting. He says not only will the company add jobs to the area, but they're filling a formerly vacant building which can help the neighborhood.

"A vacant building sends a subtle message to community members," Coleman said. "Is this a place I want to live? If businesses don't think this is a place to grow? Having a company move into a community sends a cue that there is life in this district. There is life in the community."

"We've revitalized this whole location here so aesthetically it looks much nicer," Paul Stauder, President of Covanta Environmental Solutions said. "We're bringing in those jobs. That means all the stores and shops around here are going to have more people visiting them."

Stauder's excited for the development for the area but he's also in love with the building. It's 13 acres of space with rail access and very high ceilings. It's a perfect fit for their business even if they don't really fit in it right now. There is plenty of space to expand within the building so they're looking forward to doubling their business in the next five years. 

"It had everything we needed, it just needed to be renovated," Stauder said. "It had been abandoned and was an industrial site that needed a lot of work. The infrastructure was right. It had the rail, bays, high ceilings, cranes and infrastructure to build out."

Meaning residents in the area can look forward to more jobs in the future which is a positive for the city.  

"As a company here in Milwaukee, we do infuse the area with about a half million dollars in taxes, fees and contributions which benefit the area," Stauder said. "We're up to 65 people now but it will probably grow as high as 85 or maybe closer to 100 as we add another shift and continue to expand our business."

"We want to share that message," Coleman said. "Milwaukee is a thriving city that is open for business and we want to attract this type of growth here."