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North side gas station shootout the latest in deadly stretch in Milwaukee

Posted at 10:15 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 23:29:29-04

A shootout at a gas station on Milwaukee's north side Thursday night had customers dodging bullets at a gas station.

Milwaukee police say one man was killed and two others were hurt at 27th and Capitol. 

Gas station surveillance video captured the chaotic scene. Passengers from two vehicles pulled up to gas pumps. Moments later, guns were blazing and men scattered. Smoke can even be seen filling the air from all of the shots fired. 

"It's a damage to business and people get scared, too," said Citgo manager Anand Mirle. 

Mirle wasn't at the store at the time the shooting occurred, but this kind of violence is nothing new for him.  

"It happens on the street, the corners, so many times, so many incidents happen," Mirle said.

Mirle feels even worse for his customers who ducked for cover and ran down the back aisle to safety. 

"We are doing a small business for the neighborhood, serving the community to help with milk, cereal, food, everything," he said.  

Mayor Tom Barrett is alarmed by the latest spree of violence. There have been nine murders in Milwaukee over the past ten days. He says trying to solve a dispute with a gun is senseless. 

"I'm very angry about it and I think people in the city should be angry as well," he said.  

Regular customers at Citgo like John Smith think Milwaukee crime is out of hand without a solution. 

"I don't know, there ain't no possible way to stop it," he said.  

Milwaukee police say the investigation reveals that the exchange of gunfire was sparked by a prior dispute.