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Non-traditional registries are the hot new wedding trend

Posted at 7:23 AM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-03 23:22:33-04

MILWAUKEE -- Wedding gift registries aren't what they used to be.

Many couples are getting creative by asking for gifts in a non-traditional way. Style and Planning Editor Alyssa Longobucco with the wedding planning website "The Knot" said cash registries went up 50% between 2016 and 2017 and they're only getting more popular.

"At The Knot we like to say there's no right way to get married and that is definitely following suit in registries as well," said Alyssa Longobucco.

Kyle McGahee and Sabrina Claude agree. The engaged couple will tie the knot in June and celebrate with family and friends at Sixth Floor Weddings and Events Space downtown Milwaukee. They are in the midst of wedding planning, just starting to think about registering.

"I think a gift in itself is just people showing up, but we're trying to be as innovative and as creative as possible," said Sabrina Claude.

The couple is open to the idea of asking for more than store bought gifts.

"You want to take care of a bill that will help us," Kyle McGahee.

Longobucco said 84% of couples still register at retailers, but usually from the comfort of their homes.

"It use to be that you would go to the store, you'd use a little scanner to you know pick things off of the shelves and that would kind of be it. And these days we're seeing a lot of registries sort of take the digital path," said Longobucco.

Many couples are turning to cash registries.

"They can do a first home fund, a puppy adoption fund, an IVF fund to start their family," said Longobucco.

Some set up honeymoon funds for dinner and excursions.

"100% I'll swim with the dolphins," said McGahee.

Others ask guests to support a charity like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did.

"I think it can do some good" said McGahee.

Outdoor gear is another popular registry idea.

"It extends beyond the kitchen so if you love to hike as a couple why not register for some backpacks or a camping tent or a go pro to document your adventures together," said Longobucco.

Longbucco said the Siracha of the Month Club was probably one of the most unique gifts she's heard of couple registering for. The trends might have something to do with couples tying the knot a little older.

"They may have things like the kitchen aid mixer and the pots and pans and they want something that's a little bit more niche," said Longobucco.

Some stores are doing away with wedding registries like Kohl's.

Longobucco said now it's socially acceptable to post a cash registry.

"Asking for cash use to be a little passé and people really didn't like to do it," said Longobucco.

Kyle and Sabrina have some decisions to make.

"This is a one day event and it's going to be exciting and we want our family to be able to come gift or no gift," said Claude.