No public announcement, but lawmaker spills the beans on Foxconn location

Posted at 9:51 PM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-19 00:39:22-04

Monday Governor Scott Walker signed the Foxconn bill into law.  There wasn't an announcement about the tech giants location, but State Representative Peter Barca told TODAY'S TMJ4 it's headed to Mount Pleasant.

"Off of highway H between Highway 11 and Braun Road," said Rep. Peter Barca, Kenosha.

This area has been one of the rumored sites from the beginning.

"It's not good news for us," said Jay Eckholm, Mount Pleasant.

Jay Eckholm bought his dream home two years ago with plans to retire there.  He worries about being forced to sell his home to Foxconn.

"You work all your life you get to the point where you can finally as a man provide a home you always dreamed your wife would love.  And we found it and it's hard for us to lose it and that's what hurts the most," said Eckholm.

He's still happy for those benefiting from the deal.

"The city's getting a lot out of it, the state's getting a lot out of it, the politicians are getting a lot out of it.  I would think that the homeowner should be able to get something out of it," said Eckholm.

Some worry homeowners won't get as good a deal as farm owners like Tom Bower.

"I don't know what the heck to do. I can't buy anything until I know for sure," said Tom Bower, Mount Pleasant.

Foxconn comes at the right time for the couple already planning to downsize and leave their 18 acres.

"I wish they'd get it over with.  Let us know what's happening so I can make my move," said Bower.

Though Bower is excited, he understand why most of his neighbors aren't.

"I hope they do us right, but that's hope," said Eckholm.

Neighbors say about 20 of the 30 people in the area are all working with the same Racine attorney.

Many people are looking for new homes.