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Nice weekend weather brings people outside for exercise and patio dining

Posted at 11:14 PM, Nov 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-09 00:14:17-05

MILWAUKEE -- — It's unlikely you were sweating from the heat, but the weather Sunday was warm enough for fishing on the Milwaukee River, an outdoor tennis game, flying drones, a jog, and for the kids, time on the playground. It was even nice enough to throw a birthday party outside.

Chris Weber's son, Sam, is turning 11. The family celebrated with a party of thirteen at Milwaukee's Veterans Park.

"With COVID and the weather, it has worked out fine because some people didn't want to come into our house this year," said Weber.

"It just happened to be not on a weekday, it's on a weekend so more people can come out to the parks and enjoy them," he continued.

A mile away at The Wicked Hop, the warmer weather was perfect for patio dining. Some were enjoying Sunday brunch wearing shorts.

While customers said yesterday was nicer weather-wise, they still wanted to be outside.

"It's the last nice week of you know possibly the whole year so might as well just go out and enjoy it," said Hunter Schuettke, who joined friends for brunch.

Employee Dom Reeder said his restaurant added a couple of tables and staff members to prep for an uptick in business this weekend.

Social distancing and mask-wearing didn't deter patrons from dinging out.

"A typical weekend just for brunch probably like 200 plus," said Reeder.

"This weekend it's been like that would you say?" Kristin Byrne asked Reeder.

"Yeah. Yesterday probably a little more than that too because yesterday was really nice," Reeder said.

"Wisconsin weather can be kinda crazy so, next week can be 50 and the weekend after that can be back up to 70, you never really know," Reeder said.

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