New snow keeps plows busy in Kenosha County

Posted at 7:16 PM, Dec 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 20:16:16-05

KENOSHA --  Additional snowfall Wednesday morning added to the already messy conditions on area roads. 

Crews were out around the clock since Monday's icy mix.  As a new round of snow began to fall Wednesday, the focus shifted from clearing away what was already there to preparing for the falling temperatures.  Light snowfall made the morning commute slick.  The DPW turned their attention from slow plowing to salting.

“We’ll be monitoring that overnight, we’ll have the police officers call us if there’s slick spots," said Jeff Warnock, Kenosha Parks Superintendent.

This is the first year for Kenosha to use what's known as B-Juice to prime the roads ahead of any snowfall.

“They’ll tell us to put it down two to three, four hours before the beginning of any event," said Warnock.

Tom Mueller's been keeping Kenosha's streets safe for more than a dozen years.

Monday's snow event was a difficult one for crews to handle.

“It definitely caused for some complications driving, didn’t allow us to leave the house much," said Brad Henry, Kenosha resident.

The full fleet was called out at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday, but by then the DPW had already taken plenty of complaints, especially about the side streets.

“I’ve been here for 43 years and the phone calls were, we’ve experienced this in the past and a lot of angry people and we know that, we did the best we could in that time frame and with the predictions were given to us," said Warnock.

A snow emergency would have banned parking on residential streets, but it was never declared.

As for other places, Milwaukee was still in cleanup mode as of Wednesday night, where crews were touching up areas that they'd received complaints about. That included median crossovers, intersections and parking lanes where drivers had now moved their vehicles to the opposite side of the street.  Milwaukee DPW said they would be working all through the night to have them cleared.

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