New Milwaukee rideshare service 'Glass Slipper MKE' employs only female drivers

Posted at 4:07 PM, Jun 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 18:57:36-04

It's easy to catch a ride, day or night, with taxi, Uber, or Lyft. But sometimes just knowing you have a ride may not be enough. So one local rideshare driver decided to create another option that offers a ride and an added sense of security.

As a late night Uber and Lyft driver, Lisa Lopez says she kept hearing the same statement over and over again from her customers.

"Thank God you're a female driver," said Lopez.

Both men and women riders told her that they didn't always feel safe catching a late night or early morning ride. It was the fact that she was a kind and friendly woman that put their minds at ease.

"That's when I thought, you know I need to do something like that. Females, they feel more comfortable with other females. Especially at two in the morning, three in the morning," said Lopez.

It took a little over a year, with help from other family and friends, all women, to create Glass Slipper MKE. This rideshare program is different from others because it caters to clients using only women drivers in high-end luxury vehicles. 

As a fan of rideshare versus taxi experiences, Jordan Krimmer says she's happy to hear Glass Slipper is about putting customer safety first.

"That's what makes a great company altogether...Other rideshare companies they're not always the greatest. They're just looking for the money and I don't think Glass Slipper is like that, " said Krimmer.

Although only women can be drivers, people of any sex or gender can be a customer. Lopez says every Glass Slipper experience is based on customization. You can pick anything from a quick ride to a night out on the town.

"You want champagne and flowers...even food. If you want McDonald's, I mean I'll have it there for you. Whatever you want," said Lopez.

Krimmer says the main reason she thinks this rideshare program is a good idea.

"Yeah because female drivers are better than male drivers," said Krimmer.

The app is not currently located in the Android or IPhone app stores, but you can find a download link here. Get more information on Glass Slipper's website here.