New Marquette Law School Poll: Clinton has small lead on Trump among Wisconsin voters

Results based on voters in Wisconsin
Posted at 12:30 PM, Sep 21, 2016

MILWAUKEE --  A new Marquette Law School Poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 44% to 42% among likely voters.

"I think Wisconsin clearly is a very tight race and deserves a fair amount of attention," said Marquette University Professor Charles Franklin.

Wisconsin is usually synonymous with "battleground" in presidential races, but this year it has been pretty quiet on the Badger State campaign trail.
Clinton has yet to campaign here since winning the nomination. Trump has been in Wisconsin twice. Ohio and Florida remain must-win states for both. Right now most electoral college scenarios have Wisconsin in the "lean blue" category.

Which campaign needs Wisconsin more to win the White House?

"For Donald Trump one of the routes is through the industrial Midwest," said Franklin. "Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and - we still look like the most completive of those Midwestern states."
There are still plenty of Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans not happy with their party's nominee. Our political panel thinks the first presidential debate next Monday could change that.
"I think Donald Trump needs to go out there and prove that he has a solid base of knowledge on the issues," said GOP strategist Stephan Thompson. "People know him as a TV personality, he can't look like a TV personality, he needs to look like the President of the United States. "
"I think what people are going to see on that stage," said Democratic strategist Joe Zepecki, "is two very different candidates and a very clear choice between Secretary Clinton, who can do the job, and Mr. Trump, who does not have the knowledge or worldview."
In the U.S. Senate race, Democrat Russ Feingold is up six points among likely voters. He leads Republican Ron Johnson 47% to 41%.