New "ice bar" opening at St. Paul Fish Company in Milwaukee's Third Ward

New "ice bar" opening at St. Paul Fish Company in Milwaukee's Third Ward
Posted at 1:38 PM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 14:40:04-05
If you haven’t had enough of the cold yet,  this may be for you.
St. Paul Fish Company is opening an ice bar, a place to break the ice with strangers and just chill out.
The shipment of ice arrived early this morning at the Milwaukee Public Market, and within a few hours one of the coolest bars around was created.
"If it's going to be cold, lets embrace it and have fun with it,"  said JP Toske with St. Paul Fish Company. "Let's drink some warm drinks, play music and pretend we're in the tropics, behind a wall of ice."
The design of the bar is being created by Art Below Zero. The team is making the decorative ice wall and when it's finished 14 people can sit inside.
"We'll have some warm drink offerings,  and then our regular drinks," said Toske. "It will be a mix  and match of winter drinks and summer drink."
You can find ice bars in several big cities around the world. A place where you can have a drink in a below-freezing setting, but the folks at St. Paul Fish Company say the difference with this ice bar,   it  will be warm and inviting on the inside. 
"It will be warm. The wall will wrap around the bar and we'll have infrared heaters that will make it nice and toasty back there. If you have a parka and gloves, you might want to wear them. It might be a little warm you can always take it off," said Toske.
The bar will be open at the intersection of Broadway and St. Paul in Milwaukee's Third Ward for as long as it last.

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