Racine Interim Mayor Dennis Wiser won't run in special election

Posted at 5:05 PM, Jul 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-17 19:25:23-04

Acting Racine Mayor Dennis Wiser is ready to get down to the business of running the city, however, he only plans to hold the position for a few months.

"This town has great people and a huge future ahead of it," Wiser said.

Racine is turning to 67-year-old Wiser who has been long time resident since 1973. Wiser is an alderman who has served the city for the past eight years and he's currently the president of the City Council, that's why he's becoming the interim mayor until a special election.

"It's going to be rewarding,” Wiser said.

A former math teacher who also serves on the Racine school board, Wiser told TODAYS TMJ4 he doesn't plan on running in the special election, he just wants to fill the void until a long term solution is voted in.

"What the next mayor has to do, they have to bring a track record of being able to connect with other resources. The mayor needs to connect with resources to bring new ideas and new revenue streams to the community," he said.

Until then, challenges on the immediate horizon include continuing to improve economic developments. A new events center in the downtown area is already in the works. He says it's a possibility Foxconn may come to the area but at this point the city hasn't received any information on developments.

Wiser believes a special election will happen this fall, and the City Council is expected to vote on special election date later this week.