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New event venue helps Milwaukee non-profits with free space rentals

All-women run theater company will be first group
Posted at 7:43 PM, Jan 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-10 20:43:00-05

A new event venue downtown is hoping its space will help local non-profits by allowing them to host fundraising events at no charge. 

They've already booked their first event for the all-women run theater company called Renaissance Theaterworks. 

The event director at Sixth Floor, Claiborne Green, says it all worked out perfectly since he is a big supporter of women's organizations. When he started his project to help local organizations, the first inquiry he received was from Renaissance Theaterworks. 

"I think we're the best ticket in town," said Suzan Fete, the artistic director at Renaissance Theaterworks.

She is also one of the original co-founders and says they have been producing plays there since 1993. 

"We had all found that there weren't enough opportunities for women in theater in all aspects of theater as directors as playwrights," she said. "We wanted to see if we could change that."

She says they're the second oldest theater company in the country that commits itself to gender equality and that 75 percent of the people they employ are women.

The majority of their plays are also written by women. And that message is something Green said he can really get on board with. 

"It's always been the time of the woman but it's the year of the woman now," he said. 

He says he decided to start this project at his event space because he realized how expensive it can be for non-profits to rent space when they are trying to fundraise for their organization.

He says during certain days of the week, his space is available free for fundraising events. 

"We're really excited to have one of the largest theater companies and especially women-owned theater companies in Milwaukee having their yearly fundraiser with us," he said. 

And it's all taking place during Renaissance Theaterworks' 25th season. 

"It's our largest season ever," said Fete. "We're providing more roles for women on stage and off than we ever have."

Renaissance Theaterworks' fundraiser will take place June 1 at Sixth Floor, located on the sixth floor of the Hampton Inn & Suites at 176 W Wisconsin Ave. 

Ticket and registration information will be available in the coming months on Renaissance Theaterworks' website. 

The newest play, Russian Transport, will open there on Jan. 19.