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New bill would allow for home delivery of alcohol in Wisconsin

Posted at 10:34 PM, May 22, 2019

You soon could have alcohol delivered to your home in Wisconsin if a new bill gains traction and is passed.

Republican Representative Gary Tauchen of Bonduel authored the Wisconsin Home Delivery Act. The bill allows for alcohol to be delivered to someone who is 21 years old and can prove it with an ID. It also requires the delivery person to be at least 21 and have completed a bartender training course.

"They understand that these products need to be delivered to somebody who's sober and of age, and it's got checks and balances in place," Rep. Tauchen said. Tauchen also authored a sister bill that would allow for online orders to be picked up in special parking spaces outside retailers.

Tom Gruguska, co-owner of Discount Liquor, says it is something his business would have to consider if the bill passes.

"It's a natural progression, I'd suppose, of just business and the way people buy products these days online," says Gruguska.

The bill is currently looking for sponsors, and then Tauchen's office hopes it goes before a committee.