Neighbors don't want sex offender in Town of Erin

Posted at 10:00 PM, Jan 05, 2017

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- First it was Fond du Lac County, and now it's Washington County.  Nobody wants Terry Olson living near them. 

The 61-year-old was convicted of sexual assault of a child in 1990, and officials says he molested as many as 30 children.  Neighbors in the Town of Erin attended an emergency meeting to discuss Olson's possible return to Washington County.

"They don't need to be placed in these rural areas where we can't keep an eye on them," explained Kathleen Janowski, Town of Erin.

Court documents call Olson a child sexual predator.  A psychiatric evaluation from 2002 found there's a high chance of him assaulting more children.

"We're not going to welcome them with open arms," said Janowski.

The sex offender served his sentence and has been living in a secure treatment facility in Juneau County since 2003.  The Department of Health Services is looking for a place for Olson to live on supervised release.

"It's stupid state laws that are allowing him within X amount of feet that he shouldn't even be within miles of," explained Joseph Bozich, Town of Erin.

The state is looking at a home on Terry Road.  It's about a half mile from Erin School, which meets legal requirements.  However, town and county officials says the property violates code and can't be used as a residence at this time.  Neighbors are still worries what property the state will look at next.

"It makes me feel scared and I'm going to protect my right," said Bozich.

The law requires offenders be placed back in the county they were living unless there is a good cause.  Olson is from Washington County.  

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