St. Charles Parish provides hot meals for Burlington flood victims

Posted at 10:21 PM, Jul 17, 2017

Parishioners of the St. Charles School and Parish in Burlington are helping out their neighbors victimized by damaging floods the best way they can, with a warm smile and a hot meal.

As flood water subsides in Burlington, neighbors are left cleaning up their homes and businesses.  Monday was the first day the city was able to pick up debris.  In the midst of the mess, many are coming together to serve hot meals to those affected by the flooding.

“Everything from pork chops and beef and spaghetti and beautiful desserts, lots of hot vegetables,” said St. Charles Principal Mary MacDonald.

Neighbors in Waterford started making food Friday, and several churches jumped in. Now more than 75 volunteers are making dinner for anyone who needs it. 

They’re serving homemade food from St. Charles School and Parish in Burlington and the group brought meals to those who couldn’t make it to the church.

“The people here care about each other and when they see a need they just show up and lend a hand,” MacDonald said.

Some call the hot meal an answer to their prayers.

“Just having a place to go to eat is awesome,” said Jenna Lopez.

The Bousquet family was supposed to be on vacation, but instead they’re stuck putting their home back together.

“Water came under our front and back door and got on the main level so we had to rip out all of our flooring,” said 11-year-old Juliette Bousquet.

“It’s totally out of your control.  I never thought that would happen to me,” said Tracey Bousquet.

Getting to sit down for dinner together is a much needed break.

“I don't have to stop and make dinner we can just keep going,” Tracey said.

“It shows that they care about us and they're supporting us through this hard time,” Juliette said.

The Grenier family is going on night six in a hotel.  They said a free meal means the world.

“Not to have to spend money to get a warm meal is nice,” said Bill Grenier.

“No cleanup or anything that's just great because we have enough to clean up at the house,” said Marjorie Grenier

The gratitude went both ways.

“I know so many of us are just happy to have a chance to help,” MacDonald said.

Waterford business also helped get Burlington residents fed.  Roesing Furniture donated money and Bruno’s provided food. Also, Olive Garden helped feed about 200 people.