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National group posts anti-Scott Walker signs near Milwaukee's 'tent city'

Posted at 5:38 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 22:17:35-05

As more tents seem to pop up downtown under the overpass so do political signs.  

To many people, the area south of Clybourn between 6th and 7th Streets is known as "tent city," where part of Milwaukee's homeless population lives in tents. Emily Noone runs by the area regularly.  

"If they have a set up like that where they can make their own like little home and they should do it, ya know. They have no other option," said Noone.  

The new signage coined the area "Walkerville."  Most people don't have a problem with the tents.

"At least you know where they're at when they're out there and I just think that there should be more help for them," said Joe Hruzek. 

This is the same idea Mazon has, a California-based Jewish advocacy organization behind the signs.  Vice President Mia Hubbard said their goal is to end hunger.

"Our primary focus is on hunger and food security, but the reality is that people who are struggling in poverty are struggling with multiple needs," said Mia Hubbard.

The group said they're against some of the changes to Wisconsin's FoodShare Program like work requirements that make it hard for people in need to get help. 

The group says that the Walker administration's "welfare reform" legacy "has resulted in tens of thousands of Wisconsinites losing vital access to nutrition and safety net programs."

"We were looking to raise more awareness about the reforms that were passed during the last special session and really an opportunity to block those going into effect," said Hubbard.

According to the Gov. Scott Walker's website, "The FoodShare Employment and Training Program (FSET) alone has helped 25,000 individuals find employment."  

We reached out to  Walker's Office for a response but didn't hear back.