Muskego gas station owner describes robbery

Posted at 9:29 PM, Dec 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-26 22:29:51-05

The owner of a Muskego gas station spoke exclusively to TODAY’s TMJ4 about the robbery of her gas station earlier this week.

Anandi Patel was held at gunpoint by three masked men at the Loomis Petro Mart on Tuesday night.

The robbers were captured on surveillance storming into the building.

 "There were three people. Only their eyes were showing," Patel said. "One guy came in and pointed the gun and said, ‘Give me money!’”
Patel says the men made off with several hundred dollars.

The video shows one of the men slipping on the floor, crawling to his knees and getting back up on his feet. Another robber fumbled with the door knob on the way out, but eventually worked the door open.

Police say the men took off in what they believe was a silver Ford Fusion.

Anyone with information is asked to call Muskego Police.