Muskego family warns community after coyote kills two dogs

Posted at 11:36 PM, Dec 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-04 00:50:47-05

A Muskego family is warning the community after a coyote kills their two dogs.

"They've probably gone in the backyard thousands and thousands of times," said owner Nancy Stack.

A nightly routine for Stack and her dogs took an unexpected turn in mid-November.

"I came running outside and I picked her up and I could see she was bitten in the neck," Stack recalled.

Her 9-year-old Yorkie named Roxy was dead. About ten feet to Stack’s left, her 7-year-old wiener dog named Lexi was still being attacked.

Stack and her husband both witnessed the incident, and then saw the coyote take off.

"It was horrible for our entire family because our dogs are part of our family," she said.

The family is left looking back at the memories of the two dogs; thankfully their third named Sadie didn't join them that night.

"We take her out the front door on a leash we have in our hand," said Stack.

The family has since warned neighbors in a sub-division with plenty of pets.

"We've got two dogs, we can't take them outside unattended in the evening," said neighbor Joe Wutke.

Wutke now wonders what he could do if the coyote comes back.

“You can't be shooting coyotes in your back yard," he said.

While the Stack's never thought it could happen to them, they want the whole community to know tragically it can if dogs are left unattended.

Muskego police say the deadly coyote attack was the first reported in 15 years.