Mukwonago High School holds remembrance ceremony for those killed in school shootings

Posted at 2:02 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 15:02:48-04

This morning Mukwonago High School honored all victims of mass school shootings with a remembrance ceremony.

Students released 101 balloons and in silence to honor the lives lost in shootings starting with Columbine to Parkland. 

This event came together thanks to Mukwonago High School senior Karynn Keller. Back in February, she took to Facebook to air her frustrations after the Stoneman Douglas school shooting and her own school. She says the school's large windows and glass doors made her uneasy. 

"It scares me to think that being in a safe space, what's supposed to be safe, isn't safe," said Karynn. 

Administrators saw the post and spoke Karynn. They explained that the windows have a special film and blinds for cover. Also, the classroom doors having technical locks that keep intruders out. 

But that wasn't enough she says. Karynn talked with her mom, Lisa, on what else she could do, to make a difference. They decided Karynn would organize a silent protest against gun violence combined with a remembrance ceremony. 

More than 30 students and staff came to the ceremony. Mukwonago Junior Isabella Oryszczyn says she wanted to support this event because stopping gun violence is important.

"Don't just, you know, let things like this divide us, let it unite us," said Oryszczyn.