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Mt. Pleasant family could lose home in Foxconn battle

Posted at 6:49 PM, Dec 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 00:12:45-05

A Mount Pleasant couple is worried Foxconn road reconstruction could cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

Kim and Jim Mahoney say they’ve found themselves in a battle over eminent domain in Mount Pleasant. 

The Mahoneys moved into a brand new 1,700 square foot home that sits on an acre lot back in February. 

“We have about $385,000 into this house,” Mahoney said. 

They went with all of the finest furnishings as they were planning to live in their home for the rest of their lives.  

“Something that you might not put in a home that you’re getting ready to sell because you might not get your money out of it,” she said. 

Now, a plan to reconstruct Highway H into four lanes leading up to the Foxconn site has the couple in limbo, even though they say their house technically wouldn’t be part of the reconstruction. 

“It’s 550 feet from the road,” Mahoney said. “We’ve been told repeatedly that we’re not affected by the expansion of highway H, how, ver they’re still trying to include us in the acquisition of our property due to roadway projects.”

A couple months ago, the Mahoneys found out their property would likely be purchased through eminent domain, a right local government has to take private property for public use with fair payment. 

“We’ve said, no you can’t do that,” she said.

After fighting back, the Mahoneys say the latest they’ve heard is a threat to have their property considered condemned through the state. 

“Under those provisions, they have to file the eminent domain provisions in Chapter 32 and our house is neither vacant nor in a high crime area,” she said. 

Mahoney says they don’t understand why they can’t stay. 

“Even if we did get the full amount, that would not allow us to rebuild in a similar area like this with all the upgrades,” she said. 

The Mount Pleasant Village President says he wouldn’t talk about this particular eminent domain battle because it has now become a legal issue. He said everyone who has to move out of their homes due to the Foxconn deal will get a fair deal.