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MPS students create music video to fight bullying

Posted at 6:29 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 19:29:20-05

Bullying is a huge problem kids deal with every day across the country. On Tuesday, a group of students from Milwaukee Public Schools joined the anti-bullying movement.

Student at Milwaukee Excellence Charter School put their talents to the test by creating a professional-quality music video.

Two Milwaukee teens recently produced a song called ‘No Amount of Tears’. The lead singer said he was inspired for a very personal reason: He was bullied himself. Jahbarri Bradshaw, 15, wrote the lyrics while keeping with his own pain. 

“I was going through a lot of bullying, people were fighting with me, making fun of me,” Bradshaw said. 

Bradshaw’s single features another Milwaukee teen, 17-year-old Ebony Loren. 

“I’ve seen bullying take place every day in school,” Loren said. 

Their song shares the perspective of a child dealing with bullies at school. They decided to put it on Apple iTunes.  

“If we don’t help out in the community, how are we supposed to be surprised when nothing changes,” Bradshaw said. 

They were approached by a Milwaukee organization called "Peace for Change Alliance." The group said they wanted to take the song and bring it to life with video. Together, they contacted Milwaukee Public Schools and Principal Maurice Thomas jumped at the opportunity to get 60 kids involved with the music video.

“Even though it’s a made-up scenario, I see it in my students’ faces, they actually feel what the characters are going through,” Thomas said. 

The music video features shots in the hallways and classrooms where one student is constantly being picked on.  

“Knocking down her books, yelling at her, laughing at her,” Loren said. 

Loren said their plan is to put the music video on Youtube for the world to see the impact a bully can have on a child’s life. 

“I would love for it to go viral, I would love it to go national because it’s a message everyone needs to hear, not just in Milwaukee or Wisconsin,” Loren. said  

The production company involved hopes to put this video on Youtube sometime next week.