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MPS rolls out campaign to increase classroom attendance

Posted at 6:02 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 19:02:30-04

MILWAUKEE, WI - Attend today, achieve tomorrow --it’s the new campaign MPS is rolling out to increase classroom attendance. 

“It means to me just basically do good as a better person, [and] try to get all my education,” 9th grade Bradley Tech student, Ronde Boyce said.  

More than 77,000 students attend MPS schools, that’s almost enough kids to fill every seat at Lambeau Field, and if all of them committed to a perfect attendance record, graduation rates would improve along with job readiness. That’s why Boyce said he’s on board.  

"I think it’ll make a difference because all of us that was out right now, we pretty good on it,” Boyce said.

Research shows missing two days of school each month is almost equivalent to missing an entire months worth of class for the school year, but Dr. Posley said he’s working to change that narrative in Milwaukee Public Schools and he’s leading by example. 

“I never missed school. I was in school each and every day,” Dr. Posley said. 

The district is also working with police to help round up any students on the street who may cut class.