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MPD seizes large amounts of marijuana and cash

Posted at 7:47 PM, Jul 30, 2019

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Police Department made a relatively large drug and cash seizure on Monday.

Over 26 pounds of marijuana, $36,000 in cash, and one firearm was taken from a house on the 5900 block of North 32nd Street.

Wisconsin is one of 17 states in the U.S. in which the possession, sale or cultivation of marijuana in any amount can result in criminal prosecution.

However, starting Jan. 1, Wisconsinites 21-years and older will be able to drive to Illinois and legally purchase up to 15 grams, or half an ounce of marijuana.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers proposed legalizing medical marijuana and decriminalizing small amounts of pot in his budget, however the republican-controlled legislature vows to not support the measure at this time.