MPD officer creates safety light helping law enforcement around the world

Posted at 4:12 PM, Oct 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-09 18:17:47-04

A Milwaukee company is helping law enforcement around the world stay safe.  Milwaukee Police Officer Kevin Matte came up with an idea for a safety light when he was off duty at a concert. 

"An emergency broke out within the crowd and I started to see some of the first responders that were having trouble communicating with one another," said Matte.

It took Matte about seven years and five lights to get the product to this point.  The device is called Guardian Angel.  

"That kind of to me was a little bit symbolic because the whole idea and premise behind the device was because I wanted to make a difference in reduce injuries and save lives of first responders and other law enforcement brothers and sisters," said Matte.

Matte teamed up with Chad Keller who is now the CEO of Archangel Device LLC. 

"We sell them to law enforcement officers, we sell them to first responders, EMS workers, firefighters, tow truck operators, construction workers," said Keller.

Bikers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts also use the light.  There are nine colors to choose from.  Guardian Angel weighs three ounces and it clips on to practically anything. 

"When we looked at this product we didn't see anything else that was out there that was even close to like it," said Keller.

The Milwaukee Company has already sold more than 20,000 safety lights.

"In every continent except for Antarctica," said Keller. 

Milwaukee Police was the first agency to use the lights. 

"They've credited the device for saving their lives," said Matte.

For more information about how to purchase the safety light visit, click here.