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MPD continuing surge at city's 50 most dangerous intersections

Posted at 6:31 PM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 05:54:33-05

For the past two months, Milwaukee police have been targeting more than 50 of the most dangerous intersections for reckless driving.

On Thursday, MPD Chief Edward Flynn provided an update by calling the initiative an overwhelming success. Flynn said their efforts have decreased crashes and crime in those areas while increasing citations.

Back in the middle of October, police started focusing on data-driven "hot spots" of reckless driving.

For the past 62 days, officers have been targeting specific intersections for reckless drivers who are speeding and running red lights.

When comparing the last two months to the same months from last year, traffic stops have increased more than 135 percent and citations from those stops have gone by nearly 900 percent.

The original plan was to provide this additional enforcement until the end of the year, Flynn says he's pulling an audible.

"We believe we can sustain this responsibly and we're going to undertake to do that while we develop longer term plans to make this a permanent part of our interventions," Flynn said.

Flynn plans to meet with city leaders including Mayor Tom Barrett in January to continue this initiative at a higher level.

Here's a list of some of the 50+ intersections involved in the traffic enforcement surge. Police said they couldn't release every location for tactical reasons.

  • 76th and Good Hope Road
  • Appleton and Capitol
  • 60th and Capitol
  • Fond Du Lac and Capitol
  • Appleton and Center
  • 60th and Center
  • Sherman and Center
  • Fond Du Lac and Center
  • Fond Du Lac and North

Also, on the south side, 35th Street, 27th Street and 16th Street were heavily patrolled between Wisconsin Avenue and W. Lincoln Avenue, as well as National Avenue, Greenfield Avenue, Mitchell Street, and Lincoln Avenue between 35th and 16th Streets.