Mount Pleasant boy speaks out against bullying

Posted at 5:49 PM, Apr 24, 2016

MILWAUKEE -- State leaders and community members of all ages and backgrounds are working to stop bullying. 

There was an event at Discovery World in Milwaukee Sunday evening to raise money for the non-profit Generations Against Bullying.
Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for children eight to 14. Now, an 8-year-old boy from Mount Pleasant is sharing his story, offering hope and to save lives. 
"I  know what it feels like to be bullied," Kaeden Saunders said.
It is a journey Saunders had to go through at a young age. He said his bully started taunting him in kindergarten.
"He pushed me down," he said. "Since it was the same kids every single year, it kept getting worse and worse."
His mother Nanette connected with Generations Against Bullying and eventually moved Kaeden to a different school.
"Its way better and its way easier to make friends there," Kaeden said.
The organization uses advocates like Miss Wisconsin Teen to show children not be a bystander to bullying but be an "upstander"
"It's really amazing to talk to the younger kids," said 2016 Miss Wisconsin Teen Bailey Bennett.
She shares with them her experience of being bullied in third grade because she had a lisp.
" I just tell them that the teachers are really there to help," she said.
Kayden now sticks up for his classmates who are picked on. He has advice for other children who are bullied.

"My advice is to try to ignore them. If bullies from other classrooms at my school are trying to pick on other kids, I try to tell them to stop in the nicest way possible," Kaeden said.

The funds raised at Sunday's event will help the organization sustain funds to hold programs in schools and local communities.
Our very own "Live at 5" and "Live at 10" anchors Carole Meekins and George Mallet also attended Sunday's "Generations Against Bullying" event.